Our collections have been carefully curated to offer a wide array of selections that fit any style and function. So whether you're looking to start your own edible garden or plant the perfect rose garden, there's something for everyone.

Farmhouse Fresh Collection

Duet Rose

The Farmhouse Fresh Collection boasts an extensive line of edibles. Each fruit in the collection is self-pollinating and will bear fruit within 18 months, making it incredibly easy to start your own edible garden!

The Duet Rose Collection gives you multiple rose varieties in a single pot. The rose bush will produce two different colored blooms, making for an eye-catching display.

Patio Pot Collection

Parfuma Collection

The Patio Pot Collection showcases roses with colorful blooms, in equally colorful pots. These floribunda shrubs have large blooms and were awarded a gold medal in an international competition.

The Parfuma Collection combines beautiful, highly fragrant blooms with exceptionally disease resistant shrubs. So you are able to  enjoy fragrance in the garden and as cut flowers in your home.

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