Duet Roses

Why settle for one rose when you can have two? With the Duet Rose Collection, you don’t have to. Each rose in this collection has two varieties grafted onto a single rootstock. So your rose bush will supply you with an abundance of blooms in an array of colors. And no need to worry about each variety’s specialized needs; we’ve carefully selected varieties with similar growth habits and care requirements.

Here is a list of our current combinations:

Angel Face & Bolero

Midas Touch & Mr. Lincoln

Passionate Kisses & Peace

Gold Glow & Peace

Olympiad & Double Delight

Heirloom & Intrigue

Bill Warriner & Sevillana

French Lace & Sexy Rexy

Heirloom & Lady Diana

Preference & Oklahoma

Tournament of Roses & Lily's Perfume

Oregold & Dennis Kellogg

Buxom Beauty & Novelty

Yellow Simplicity & Pink Simplicity

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