Parfuma Collection

Stop and smell the roses!

This highly fragrant collection offers a range of colors and scents. From the blush white shade of ‘First Crush’, with its light and airy notes, and the spiced fruit scents of ‘Summer Romance’, with its soft pink blooms, to the sensual and floral fragrance of ‘Dark Desire’ that couples perfectly with its crimson color. A rose by any other name would not smell as sweet.

'First Crush'

This rose has an exhilarating and distinct perfume with its top notes reminding one of fine champagne and the fresh air after a summer rain. These scents are infused with the fresh scent of lemon verbena. When the bloom is fully open sweet plum notes predominate with lingering notes of ripe apricot. To this wonderful array of scents add a touch of powdery vanilla, heliotrope, and young elder flowers that complete the rose fragrance.

'Summer Romance'

Those who enjoy the liquorice-like note of anise will love this type. It combines this spicy note with the basic body of a classic rose scent. The connecting element is a smooth and soft flavor of fresh apple in the core note. The spicy aspect dominates the fresh flower, making room for the fruity character the more the flower opens. The fresh and tender rose impression underlines the fruity heart of the scent until the last moment.

'Dark Desire'

This perfectly beautiful rose fascinates with the sophisticated and sensual nature of its scent.  The floral and fruity aspects of the fragrance resonate in total harmony.  The classic notes of rose are enhanced with a touch of lemon and a base note of rose geranium.  Litchi gives a bright lively note.  Also present are the scents of elder flower, peach, and plum.  The scents rest on a sweet bed of honey and earth tones.

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